Scheduled Firefighter Training Courses


In addition to the above requirements, the student meets the following admission requirements for each course of study:

Volunteer Firefighter Completion of Hazmat Awareness/Operations, NIMS 700, and ICS 100 (or concurrent before course completion).
Firefighter 1 Transition Completion of Volunteer Firefighter course (copy of card)

Completion of NIMS-700 and ICS-100 (copy of certificates)

Firefighter 1 Completion of NIMS-700 and ICS-100 (copy of certificates)
Firefighter 2 Transition Completion of Firefighter 1 course (copy of card)

Completion of Emergency Vehicle Operation course (copy of certificate)

Completion of NIMS-700 and ICS-100 (copy of certificates)

Firefighter 1&2 Completion of NIMS-700 and ICS-100 (copy of certificates)
Fire Safety Inspector 1. Must be employed by one of following:

a. Office of State Fire Marshal;
b. A firefighting agency;
c. Private fire company that provides fire protection.

2. Submit a letter for recommendation from employer.

3. Must hold a current firefighter certificate (copy of card)

4. Completion of NIMS-700 and ICS-100 (copy of certificates)

Fire Officer Recommended to have a minimum of 5 years work experience as Firefighter or Fire Safety Inspector, including 3 years immediately prior to course

Completion of NIMS-700 and ICS-100 (copy of certificates)


By Internet:     Register me now  – register for classes through this website.

NO RESERVATIONS are accepted for course registrations. Applicants are accepted on a first-come basis until the maximum enrollment is obtained. Original application forms must be submitted with check, purchase order or letter of authorization to sponsor a student. Facsimiles of application forms are not acceptable.

For further information, contact:
Robert Hanmer, Program Director
c/o 430 S. Main Street
Oberlin OH 44074

Phone: (440) 774-3211


The Lorain County Fire Chiefs’ Association has formed an Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT) to provide trained and experienced ICS personnel for use in various portions of an Incident Command System organizational structure during major emergency incidents. These trained officers will enable the local Incident Commander to fill needed positions within the ICS organization. Informationcan be found under the LORAIN COUNTY STANDARD OPERATING GUIDELINES (SOGs) # 001.


The Lorain County Fire Chiefs’ Association has adopted several standard operating guidelines for use in various types of emergency incidents. These procedures were developed to assure interoperability of operations involving multiple fire departments or other agencies at large-scale incidents. Click on the title to download a .pdf form.



001 Incident Management Assistance Team
002 Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) Procedures
003 Lorain County Dive Team SOP
004 Command Procedures – NIMS
005 Command Procedures – Expanding the ICS Organization
006 Command Structure – Divisions and Groups
007 Rescue – Mass Casualty Incidents
008 Tactical – Mobile Breathing Air Refill Unit
009 Rapid Intervention Team Operations
010 Air Ambulance Procedure
011 Personnel Accountability System Program
012 Lorain County Association of Fire Investigators
013 Water Shuttle Operations
014 Swift Water Rescue Operations
015 Response to State Emergency System Requests for Assistance
016 Emergency Communications and Evacuation of Response Personnel
017 Fire Safety Trailer
018 Mass Dispensing/Prophylaxis within Lorain County
019 Communications and Tactical Frequency use
020 Management of Volunteers from Public Sector
021 Equipment Acquisition and Loan Procedure
022 Mail/Package Biological Threat Response Protocols



FD Response to Active Shooter Incidents

Tech Rescue Team Request Procedure

Credit Card Possession and Guidelines

MABAS form – Structure fire (.doc)
MABAS form – Hazmat (.doc)
MABAS form – Tech Rescue (.doc)
MABAS form – EMS/MCI (.doc)
MABAS form – Brush fire (.doc)
MABAS form – Water rescue (.doc)

Lorain County Fire Chiefs’ Assocation, Inc. —
Fire Training Academy

State of Ohio Department of Public Safety
Fire Training Charter Accreditation #351

Fire Training Admission Requirements

The prospective student must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age or not be attending high school
  • Must have current driver’s license.
  • Has not been convicted of, pled guilty to, had a judicial finding of guilt for any of the following:
    • fraud or material deception in applying for, or obtaining a certificate.
    • a felony
    • a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude
    • a violation of any federal, state, county or municipal narcotics law
    • any act committed in another state, that, if committed in Ohio, would constitute a violation set forth in this section.
  • Has not been adjudicated mentally incompetent by a court of law
  • At the time of admission, is not under indictment for a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude.
  • Does not currently engage in the illegal use of controlled substances, alcohol or other habit forming drugs or chemical substances to an extent that it impairs the ability to perform the duties of a fire fighter or fire safety inspector.

Download Student Handbook (41kb)



  • Firefighter 1-T*, 142 Hours,   Sept 2022         $1100


All students taking the VFF, FFI, FFI-T or FF II-T are required to complete a physical evaluation prior to the start of class.

T*:  Transition courses.  Admission to these courses require prior certification.  VFF certification required for FFI-T admission and FFI certification is required for FF2-T admission.

FIRE PREVENTION:    Deadline to Register January 3 

Fire Chief’s Authorization sample letter for FSI or HRO


  • Fire Officer I,   (Online) TBD:     $450 
  • Fire Officer II, (Online): TBD:      $450


Information for Registration for ONLINE portion of Blue Card:

Blue Card | Purchase Blue Card User License (

If that link doesn’t work here is the web address:

The above link takes you to the registration page on the B-Shifter (blue card) website. From there, scroll down near the bottom of the page where it says, “User License Information”. Fill out your State, Department and the number of licenses (blue card on-line classes) you want. Under user information use the drop down to select “Blue Card New Subscription – 1 year ($385)”. Enter the user email, first and last name of the student. At the bottom of the page, it will show you the total due. Click on billing & payment info to complete. NOTE: if your department name can not be found or you will be registering more than 9 people you will need to call 1-855-872-5822 and speak with Jen (sometimes this is easier if you are registering multiple people or payment is through your city using a purchase order).

If you still have questions, contact Chief David Swope at  or 440-840-2886

* Blue Card labs are $350 at the Oberlin Fire Department  or North Ridgeville Fire Department for Lorain County departments There will be a minimum set up fee of $500 if classes are held at other locations.  A $200 lab fee will also be distributed among all students.


** Blue Card Re-Certifications Labs are 8-hours each lab.  Labs fees are $200 per class and will be divided among the total number of students.  There will be a minimum set up fee of $500 if classes are held outside of Oberlin.


  • Youth Firesetter Intervention Level I    For more information on this program, click here.
  • Child Safety Seat Technician


This page provides descriptions and registration information for fire training conducted through the Lorain County Fire Chiefs’ Association. Program documents and applications may be copied for registration use. Some documents are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format, unless otherwise noted.

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