Firefighter of the Year Recipients

2015 Joe Smith
2014 Jon Secue
2013 Ben Ryba
2012 Joseph Smith
2011 Thomas Boden
2010 Kristin Braziunas
2009 Emily Jindra
2008 Robert Dillon
2007 Michael Streator
2006 Robert Schubert
2005 Markian Rozmarynowycz
2004 Robert Schubert
2003 Michael Streator
2002 Shawn Clawson
2001 Susan Hiesser
2000 Richard Edwards
1999 Orval J. Tingler
1998 Ben Ryba
1997 Stephen G. Pauley, Jr.

The Firefighter of the Year Award promotes:
  • Contributions of value to Department’s program of customer satisfaction
  • Contributions to improvement of productivity and effectiveness of Department
  • Level of participation in emergency response activities
  • Initiatives to promote teamwork excellence Improving the department’s performance and position in fulfilling its public responsibilities.
  • Serving as a role model in a teamwork environment.
  • Facilitating communication within the organization.
  • Delivery of ever-improving value to customers, resulting in service excellence.
  • Contribution to research or development of customer programs.
  • Improvement in efficiency or effectiveness of customer programs.
  • Alignment of programs with department goals and objectives.
  • Program innovation and creativity.
  • Education and training initiatives.
  • Significant modification of processes to improve customer focus, productivity or both.
  • Compliance with departmental policy and procedures.


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