Job Description – Firefighter


Duties include skilled firefighting work in combating, extinguishing and preventing fires and providing rescue services to protect life and property. Work also involves driving equipment when specifically assigned and routine maintenance of fire department equipment, apparatus, and quarters.

Employees perform hazardous tasks under emergency condition that may require strenuous exertion under such hindrances as fire, heat, smoke and cramped surroundings. Although firefighting and rescue work are the most difficult and responsible areas of activity, most of the time is spent studying methods and techniques of fire prevention, suppression and basic and/or advanced life saving techniques, studying and perfecting the operation of fire and rescue equipment and apparatus, and in performing routine duties in the care and maintenance of fire department property and equipment. Work is usually performed under the command of a superior officer. Work is reviewed in progress and upon completion.


Works under the supervision of Fire Chief, Assistant Chief, Battalion Chief, Fire Lieutenant, and Firefighter/Drivers.




Responds to fire alarms; works to extinguish fires by deploying hoselines and directs stream of water onto fires; positions and climbs ladders to gain access to upper levels of buildings or to assist individuals from burning structures; creates openings in buildings for ventilation or entry, using hand tools and power equipment; and, may deactivate utility services to prevent explosions or other fire extension.
Administers appropriate basic or advanced life support care at the site of an emergency; performs such activities as patient assessment, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, injury care, patient extrication, and administers appropriate medications under direction of medical director.
Investigates causes and circumstances surrounding fires.
Participates in a continuing training programs by attending drills, demonstrations and classes; participates in training in the operation of fire and rescue equipment and apparatus and, when assigned, drives and operates a variety of emergency vehicles.
Participates in public education and fire station tours for the public; answer questions and provides public education services.
Performs general maintenance work in the upkeep of fire stations, buildings and grounds, fire apparatus, auxiliary equipment and tools.
Maintains accurate records, forms and reports as required.
Provide effective and efficient customer services and promotes and maintains responsive community relations.
Perform related duties as assigned.


Knowledge of procedures for fire suppression, hazardous materials incident stabilization, and emergency medical response.
Ability to use EMS related equipment, firefighting equipment and hazmat equipment.
Must maintain a valid Ohio Driver’s license and have the ability to drive.
Ability to handle multiple priorities and projects.
Ability to make clear and accurate records and reports.
Ability to deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists.
Ability to identify problems, recognize symptoms, causes and alternative solutions.
Ability to make timely, sound decisions.
Ability to interpret a variety of instructions in written, oral, diagram or scheduled form.
Ability to climb and work at heights up to 100 feet above the ground.
Ability to perform limited mechanical work involved in maintaining fire apparatus, equipment and tools
Ability to follow oral and written instructions; deal effectively with the public; and speak and write effectively.
Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with peers, subordinates, and superiors.
Ability to learn, train and retain technical and other fire service related data.
Ability to generate clear cut, concise reports.
Ability to perform effectively under stress.


Requires heavy work that involves constantly lifting, pushing, or raising objects, and exerting 50 to 75 pounds on a recurring basis and exerting 100 pounds of force on a frequent basis.
The job risks exposure to the following environmental hazards: Bright/dim light, dusts and pollen, extreme heat and/or cold, wet or humid conditions, extreme noise levels, fumes and/or noxious odors, traffic, moving machinery, electrical shock, heights, disease/pathogens, toxic/caustic chemicals, explosives, and violence.
The job requires normal visual acuity, and field of vision, hearing, speaking, color perception, sense of taste, sense of smell, depth perception, and texture perception.


Any combination of training and experience, which indicates possession of the skills, knowledge, and abilities listed above.
Must pass a competitive written examination evaluating skill in reading, interpretation, understanding, and the ability to concentrate for a long period of time.
Must possess a valid Ohio Driver’s license.
Must complete orientation training after appointment.
Must complete EMT training after appointment and maintain certification as EMT-Basic during tenure of employment.
Ability to meet department competency standards as outlined in NFPA 1001, 1002, 1021, 1521, 1582, and Oberlin Fire Department Standard Operating Procedures.


The applicant should possess the following at the time of application:

Minimum 18 years of age
Completion of 12th school grade or equivalent;
Valid Ohio Driver’s license and proof of insurability.
U.S. Citizenship required

Paygrade: Part-time
F.L.S.A. Rating: Non-exempt
Civil Service Rating: Classified
Classification: Competitive

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